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a little mountain region + natural park in the heart of Bavaria

Pottenstein (Quelle: Staatsbibliothek Bamberg)
Pottenstein (Quelle: Staatsbibliothek Bamberg)

In the midst of the cities Nürnberg - Bamberg - Bayreuth there is located a landscape´s idyll, which is unique in its way far and wide. Over millions of years little rivers digged themselves  into the lime rocks of the jura mountains - alongside of the rivers lovely, but sometimes narrow valleys with bigger populated locations arose  ; the upper regions are characterized by a tougher climate and the lack of water...

Fränkische Schweiz = Franconian Switzerland


The "heart" of the region is the "Muggendorfer Gebürg" (= Muggendorf mountains -> today municipality of Wiesenttal) - so the whole region was called in former days.

During the romantic 18th century, due to the rocks and cliffs, a reference to Switzerland in the Alps was made - as a consequence a new denomination for the region was created -> "Franconian Switzerland".

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